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Buy Desert Eagle for sale online at our Magnum Research Firearms Store. We offer several variants of the Desert Eagle Pistol, including the Mark I, Mark VII and Mark XIX. A gas-operated, semi-auto pistol, the Desert Eagle is primarily used by hunters, target shooters and for silhouette shooting. The Desert Eagle is considered the ‘Space Shuttle” of Handguns, Not to be confused with the Micro Desert Eagle, which is intended for personal protection, the Desert Eagle is a customizable handgun able to handle a variety of cartridges and magazines. If you’re intrigued about the Desert Eagle and want to buy online today, visit our shop and browse through our numerous options. At Magnum Research Arms, you can order Magnum Research pistols, revolvers and self-loading rifles from the renowned manufacturer Magnum Research!

Buy Magnum Research firearms online – Weapons & accessories for hunting and shooting. The American manufacturer Magnum Research can look back on over 35 years of company history and produces, among other things, the iconic Desert Eagle pistol, which is known all over the world. Waffen Ferkinghoff is the general importer for Germany and offers the Desert Eagle in various designs and calibres like .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum or .50 A.E. The Desert Eagle can be converted into a different calibre only with a simple exchange of the barrel and magazine. There are also unique designs, as well as other weapons and accessories as well as spare parts for Magnum Research products in our product offerings. Choose from additional magazines or barrels for your pistol or various spare parts from our weapon parts category such as impact pin springs, locking rings, handles or locking lever stop springs. The matching shoulder holster can be found in the accessory category on our website. If you want to express your enthusiasm for the brand and products of Magnum Research, we offer the right Magnum Research Firearms For Sale.

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Magnum Research Firearms History

Founded in 1979 by Jim Skildum and John Risdall, Magnum Research is perhaps best known for designing and developing the Desert Eagle pistol. Though the Desert Eagle has always been produced by contractors like Israel Military Industries and Saco Defense, its development and subsequent redesigns have always been the exclusive property of Magnum Research. Magnum Research firearms have featured in dozens of Hollywood movies, including The Boondock Saints (2000), Desperado(1995), and even Addams Family Values (1993), when black widow Debbie is after Uncle Fester’s fortune.

In 2010 Magnum Research was bought by Kahr Arms. With offices and manufacturing shops across the country, Kahr Arms has given Magnum Research the opportunity to considerably expand their product offerings. In addition to semi-automatic pistols Magnum Research also designs revolvers and rifles as well as firearm components and accessories. Magnum Research also offers custom parts and designs for the Desert Eagle and the BFR Revolver. Magnum Research continues to offer versatile and innovative firearm designs constructed with the finest quality components.